Aikido in the Schools  Programs

We offer a range of programs during and after school hours to meet your specific needs.

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Physical Education Electives

    • Pre-School/Kindergarten (Ages 3-5): Helps students learn to use their bodies in fun, interactive ways. Movement, midline control, cross-

    midline activities, breathing, stretching, and balance are all developed in the context of games.

   • Primary Years Program (Ages 6-10): Introduces students to classical Aikido in a step-by-step fashion in accord with the abilities and

    emotional maturity of those involved. Through connection studies and grounded movement, students learn that yielding can be powerful and

    that gentleness can be strong.

   •Secondary Years Program (Ages 11-18): Continues the practice of principles and techniques of classical Aikido with an emphasis on the    

    development of communicative competence, emotional intelligence, self-regulation, anger management, and healthy social interaction.

    Students develop strength and flexibility while exploring responsible uses of power.

After School Programs

    These programs provide a comprehensive integration of nutrition, academic study skills, and martial arts. Students receive a healthy snack, a    

    session in study skills and time management during which they work on their homework, and an Aikido class.

Aiki for Athletes

    This program helps athletes optimize their performance. Specific skills and drills are introduced for developing balance, focus, concentration,    

    and staying relaxed under pressure.

Custom Programs for Professional & Student Groups

    Designed specifically for your group, these programs may include, but are not limited to: leadership training, interventions for youth at-risk,    

    anger management, anti-bullying, and conflict resolution skills.

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