About the Director/Chief Instructor 

Charles Colten currently teaches Aikido in New York, gives seminars around the U.S. and has taught/trained in Asia, Europe and Latin America. He holds the rank of 5th degree black belt (Go Dan) granted from Hombu Dojo  World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and has a Masters degree in Educational/Organizational Leadership from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. Colten is the founder of, serves as the Special Coordinator of Community Engagement and Innovation at the United Nations International School (UNIS), , and is a member of the teaching Faculty at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) in New York City, where he leads workshops in stress management for city, state, and federal judges. He also brings these programs to police, corrections officers, hospital staff, administration, city workers, and others who work in high-stress, high-volume environments. In addition, Colten regularly leads workshops for business executives in optimizing flow state among working groups and leadership teams. He  was a board member of Aikiextensions and now sits on the Executive Committee of the Independent School Health Association (ISHA). 
Most importantly, he is a passionate and lifelong student and strives to inspire and encourage his students to do the same in whatever field they choose.http://www.circle123.orgshapeimage_3_link_0

Aikido in the Schools - Charles Colten- 29 Livingston Ave. 3 Fl,  Dobbs, NY 10522

Email:  Tel: 646-831-8928


Sponsor a student - A donation of $50 provides a student with a training uniform, gym bag, flip flops, a journal, pen and pencil.

Sponsor a program- We have programs that range from early childhood through school age and up to professional programs. By donating, you can reach more children and adults. Specify a region, a school, or an area where you would like focus the impact of your assistance.

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