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Aikido educates the physical, intellectual and emotional intelligences at the same time.

As a pedagogical path and a physical art, Aikido helps students improve:

• confidence

• mental focus & academic performance

• balance, strength & flexibility

• connection with others

• anger management

• conflict resolution

• midline control  & cross-midline activation

Benefits of Aikido


"The experience for the students was very positive, and the ability to focus definitely spills over into their academics. My only hope is that we can do it more often."  -Classroom teacher

"My younger daughter learned to focus more, and my older daughter showed better-than-normal ability to take risks and try new things. Rather than giving up after not being able to do something... she kept practicing. I would love for my children to continue."  -Parent 

"The Aikido program was a very positive influence on our students’ levels of concentration and inner discipline."  - School Administrator

"Aikido helped my child follow directions, to keep focused, (and) cooperate with others in a group." -Parent

"Aikido helped my son channel some of his boundless energy. He learned to follow directions and have more patience." -Parent

“Its (Aikido’s) purpose is to produce real human beings who will improve the world

-M. Ueshiba, O Sensei

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